School-based Counseling

TLC offers a number of school-based counseling services to students in public school districts.

A TLC School-based Counselor:

  • Provides in-school, supportive counseling to “high risk” students individually and in groups
  • Acts as a resource person for school administrators to assist students in crisis
  • Coordinates the management and delivery of individual service needs with school administrators, guidance personnel, teachers, and other community agencies
  • Develops and implements programs related to alcohol and other drug abuse and prevention, including provision of aftercare support
  • Serves as a resource person for the district’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) team(s) by providing coordination, student screening, and liaison services
  • Provides individual and group counseling for students concerned about alcohol and other drugs or identified as vulnerable to substance abuse
  • Coordinates activities with parents and community groups to plan and implement programs designed to reduce substance abuse
  • Provides forums for parent and community participation educating the community in terms of alcohol and other drug education
  • Provides linkage with community agencies to serve families and students needing referrals to out-of-school programs
  • Assists districts in development of mental health curricula and Crisis Response Plans
  • Oversees Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in the schools
  • Provides professional training for teachers, counselors, social workers, and other human services professionals
  • Conducts crisis interventions and supports schools in the immediate aftermath of trauma
  • Provides trauma informed counseling to address a wide range of student issues
  • Conducts Individual and Group Student Counseling for students and their families when involved with any behavioral health issues

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