Coaching Services

The Lincoln Center’s mission is transforming lives and communities through education, coaching, and counseling. At TLC we provide professional coaching services that align with our mission to transform lives and communities by developing wellness, structuring balance, encouraging health, and empowering knowledge. Our seven distinct coaching offerings provide the comprehensive approach to life coaching with the application of clinical knowledge and professional experience. TLC coaches have the education, knowledge and experience to help you meet your personal and professional life goals. Our seven coaching categories are as follows:

Life Coach

Our life coaches assist you in developing confidence, increasing personal development, and encouraging personal empowerment.

Life Transitions Coach

Our life transition coaches guides you through job transitions, relocations, divorce, mid-life change, empty nest and retirement.

Relationship Coach

Our relationship coaches aid you in developing positive healthy relationship strategies and techniques that help you with your dating, family, parenting, and other personal relationships.

Career Coach

Our career coaches help you in improving emotional intelligence, cultivating leadership skill development, and managing business relationships.

Physical Wellness Coach

Our physical wellness coaches utilize a mind-body approach that incorporates exercise, nutrition, and fitness into a structured learning environment to promote healthy life changes.

Mental Wellness Coach

Our mental wellness coaches analyze the impact and function of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD and other mental health conditions that impact your daily life. Coaches will use this analysis to help develop healthy coping strategies, utilize treatment modalities, and assist with improving overall mental well-being.

Recovery Coach

Our recovery coaches are certified drug and alcohol counselors who aid you in overcoming your addiction, creating health coping mechanisms, and developing a rewarding sober lifestyle.

Feel free to contact us today to inquire about our coaching offerings and pricing. We work with you to provide a custom experience and a package that works for your needs.