Holistic Approach

The TLC Academy offers an integrated model of academics AND coaching/ counseling in order to meet the holistic needs of students. This program is referred to as Transformational Education® PLUS.

TLC’s Transformational Education® PLUS model represents a unique, dynamic, and successful approach to addressing the needs of alternative students including those with psychiatric diagnosis and in need of MH support. The uniqueness and success of TLC’s Transformational Education philosophy and methodology in working with non-traditional students cannot be overemphasized.

The TLC Academy PLUS not only provides an open classroom approach, but also incorporates a fundamental principle of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) along with a similar principle from the Pennsylvania Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP). Typically most Alternative Education programs provide barren classrooms, emphasizing traditional teaching methods with limited student choice and high, externally imposed, behavioral consequences. Likewise, traditional MH support programs place maximum emphasis on treating just the MH issues with a minimum focus on academics. TLC’s unique dynamic environment merges the two, and has to be seen in operation to fully understand its capacity for altering the way one traditionally views alternative youth programming.

The TLC Academy PLUS learning environment is both an academic setting that encourages learning through respect for individual learning styles and multiple-intelligences, as well as a therapeutic milieu. Along with the individual and group Mental Health services provided, TLC adds the milieu that supports a therapeutic learning process. Transformational Education® regards psychological treatment as the re-learning and internalization of new mental processes and choices. TLC Academy PLUS integrates mental health and wellness naturally into the broader learning and education of its students. Students develop academically, behaviorally and socially through the integration of the Transformational Education® methodology, mental health and wellness supports, staff expertise, the learning environment and a student choice/empowerment approach.

The goal of the TLC Academy PLUS program is to successfully return the students to their home school with: 1) a renewed sense of their ability to learn, 2) an expanded toolset of coping skills needed to deal with difficult situations, and 3) the ability to apply pro-social values in their relationships.

Within our school-based TLC Academy PLUS mental health program, students receive 2 clinical groups per day as well as a minimum of 30 minutes of individual therapy per week, along with psychiatric oversight (consultation, evaluation and medication management), along with their academic courses.

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