Specialized Student Services

Non-Traditional Learners

TLC uses the Transformational Education approach in working with your students. The Transformational Education® model engages students as non-traditional learners and works to provide them with individualized instruction in an experiential learning environment based on their academic level.

Special Education

TLC’s Academy is a licensed provider for Special Education in PA. TLC has incorporated a specialized resource room and certified staff that work with your special education students.

Mental Health/Wellness

TLC Academies have an integrated model of education and mental health supports. Clinical individual and group therapy occurs during the school day.. TLC utilizes Tele-psychiatry for psychiatric support including full psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and crisis assessments.

Character Development

Character Development is central to our alternative education approach. At TLC, it is infused into the expectations of daily life in addition to being a curriculum component.

TLC Administration Office

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Audubon, PA 19403
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TLC Leadership Academy

2600 Eisenhower Ave. Ste 100
Audubon, PA 19403
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