Transformational Education®

Transformational Education® is The Lincoln Center’s innovative approach to education. The Transformational Education® philosophy and methodology is centered around multi-sensory learning pods that generate interactive learning, motivate self-discipline, build self-esteem, develop character, and foster kaleidoscopic thinking and reasoning. It is student centered, wherein teachers and counselors act as facilitators in creating self-paced, experiential lessons that are designed to appeal to the multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles of each student. The teacher/counselor acts as the leader of the learning community with the students participating in the process of planning and designing lessons.

TLC’s academic curriculum adheres to the Pennsylvania Department of Education State Standards. TLC’s teacher/counselor utilizes strategies that not only make the curriculum come alive, but also satisfy the needs of even the most diverse learning styles. Students are motivated to learn through choices and options in projects, readings and basic class work. Academic work is accented with music and food in the classroom, as well as special events and productions that highlight overall themes and units.

TLC Office

820 Adams Ave. Ste 210
Audubon, PA 19403
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TLC Academy

2600 Eisenhower Ave. Ste 100
Audubon PA 19403
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