TLC Virtual Learning Center

About TLC Virtual Learning Center

The TLC Virtual Learning Center offers individual and small group on-site tutoring support for students in grades 7-12 who are enrolled in their school’s virtual learning program. Our certified educators assist students with accessing all aspects of the online curriculum, including synchronous lessons, asynchronous lessons and any required virtual office hours.

When students are not actively engaged in the instruction provided by virtual teachers, our tutoring staff can provide them with supplemental instruction to help students develop background knowledge of unfamiliar topics, and deeper understanding of previously taught concepts.

Our tutors will help parents partner with the virtual education providers to implement any prescribed differentiation strategies or other relevant supports while in the virtual platform.

Why Choose TLC Virtual Learning Center?

Our virtual learning center provides parents and guardians with the sense of support they desire when students are tasked with navigating academics outside of the brick and mortar school environment. It is our desire to bridge the gap between virtual learning and success, so that students feel encouraged to take risks and empowered to persevere when lessons are challenging, while parents feel secure in their decision to choose virtual learning.

Our affordable per diem rate and short term commitment plan options gives parents the flexibility to create the attendance schedule that best meets the needs of the family.

What We Offer

  • Safe and secure – We offer a safe, supervised space for students grades 7-12 to learn virtually
  • In-person tutoring – Individual and small group tutoring with certified educators
  • Consistency – Students remain enrolled in their school’s virtual learning program
  • Support – TLC tutoring staff assist with accessing lessons, accountability and supplemental instructions
  • Affordability – TLC offers an affordable $60/day rate
  • Flexibility – Create the schedule that meets your needs with no long-term commitment


Would you like to learn more about TLC Virtual Learning Center — or reserve your child’s spot? Please complete an Interest Form and our team will be in touch!

Please call (610) 277-3715 or email with any questions.