Client Stories

“The Lincoln Center changes lives for the better.” – Former Student


“I never thought I would graduate high school, and with the help of the Lincoln Center I not only graduated,

but have gotten my life on the right track and am even attending college!” – Former Student



“The Lincoln Center gave my daughter the chance she needed to succeed in life. She suffered from severe depression and anxiety and could not handle the regular public school system. She was out more days than she was in and was in jeopardy of having to retake a year of school when we discovered the Lincoln Center. The Lincoln Center’s teachers were top notch. Their counselor, Ms. Walker, was amazing! This place allowed Andee the independence she needed to grow in school without judgement. She did so well that she actually got a 4 year, $1000 scholarship for college. During her time at the Lincoln Center she got the confidence to become an EMT and now is getting her degree in Emergency Medicine! I can not thank the Lincoln Center and their staff enough in making a huge difference in so many young lives!”

– Parent of Former Student


“I completed my senior year of high school at The Lincoln Center, and I cannot express enough how wonderful my experience was. Every teacher and staff member is so unbelievably friendly and approachable. The program and focus points are great for the students. The amount of time and consideration put into acquiring these teachers doesn’t go unnoticed. I became very close with each and every one, as they truly show care for their students’ lives as a whole beyond he classroom. I have made connections with teachers who I still keep in contact with years after graduating. I received a bachelor’s degree in finance and management information systems at Temple University’s Fox School of Business after completing my senior year of high school at The Lincoln Center. I was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity at Vanguard working as a Brokerage Investment Professional and Personal Investor Associate. After beginning my career roughly 6 months ago, I cannot express enough my appreciation for The Lincoln Center. On top of the phenomenal staff and program they have to offer, they additionally offered scholarship awards available to those who were pursing continuing education beyond high school. I was fortunate enough to be one of those students selected to receive this aid. If it were not for The Lincoln Center’s undeniable devotion and support to their students, I cannot confidently say that I would be in a similar situation as I am today. For that, I thank The Lincoln Center.”

–  Former Student


“We adopted our son from a Russian orphanage when he was almost 10 years old. He had a hard start in life and his high school years were challenging in many ways. He attended three different schools for parts of 9th, 10th and 11th grades and dropped out of school for a year. He experienced healing at a rehab place and returned to our town at age 20. We enrolled him at our local public school, which placed him part time into the Lincoln Academy which operated within the walls of our high school. That year was life-changing for our son, giving him hope for his future. The principal and staff of Lincoln were an amazing support to our son and educated and encouraged him in many ways up through his graduation from high school. They also awarded him a college scholarship. We were so proud of him and grateful to Lincoln for their strong support.”

– Parent of Former Student

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