TLC Education Institute

Training to change the story – one moment, one choice, one connection at a time​.

The Lincoln Center Education Institute curates learning experiences that can help students, educators, parents, public servants, and other leaders and teams in the community to build deeper connections and gradually make choices that help others to thrive.


Empowering Positive Choices

Restorative Practices for Educators

Schools are in desperate need of effective ways to redirect student behaviors. Following the pandemic lockdown, more than 83% of public schools reported a negative impact on students’ behavioral development (Center for Education Statistics July 2022 study). TLC’s training in Restorative Practices reframes behavioral challenges as opportunities for students to learn new skills. Teachers are trained in progressive restorative practices and necessary resources to help them learn to respond and adapt to students’ current capacity, giving them data-driven skills to help students redirect and manage behavior challenges while cultivating a school culture of welcome and safety.

A spectrum of lessons is available for teachers in K-12 settings, including:

  • Restorative behavior intervention
  • Mindfulness practices in the classroom
  • Classroom anger/emotion management
  • Classroom conflict resolution
  • Bullying prevention
  • Kindness in the classroom
  • Respectful communication
  • Personal and interpersonal safety
  • Trauma-informed classroom de-escalation

Scope and depth of training, including assistance in tracking and reporting of progress, can be customized to the needs of the school. Contact for more information.

    Equipping Meaningful Connections

    Everybody at school thrives when people feel seen, valued, and have meaningful connection with at least one other person. This is not just true for students. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff all need meaningful connections with others in order to flourish. TLC offers training for educators, students, and support staff that can help build those meaningful connections, to create a culture of kindness at every level of the learning environment. Topics include:

    • Cultivating Belonging in the Classroom
    • Self-Compassion for Teachers
    • Self-Compassion for Parents
    • Compassionate Classroom Routines

    Scope and depth of training, including assistance in tracking and reporting of progress, can be customized to the needs of the school. Contact for more information.

    Facilitating Transformational Change

    Safety is a fundamental component of a healthy learning environment and a healthy community. TLC aims to facilitate sustainable transformation of environments to become safe in every situation, while valuing the dignity of every person. To that end, in addition to the de-escalation trainings we offer to educators, The Lincoln Service deliver trauma-informed specialized training in threat assessment and intervention for school safety/security officers, as well as community police and other public servants. Contact TLC for more information about:

    • Trauma-Informed Threat Assessment and Intervention
    • Trauma-Informed Leadership Development
    • Effective Conflict Resolution for Leaders and Teams

    Have another learning need that you don’t see listed? Contact us! We’d love to curate a customized learning experience that meets your organization’s development needs.