TLC Education Institute

The Lincoln Center Education Institute provides comprehensive trainings that examine the impact of trauma on individuals, families, and systems. These trainings provide practical understanding and evidence based approaches to treatment. TLC provides tailored training programs to meet the individual needs of your team, agency, school, or corporation. These presentations include scholarly peer-reviewed research and applications that apply directly to your organization’s needs.

The Institute provides measurable goals for each training to provide the optimal level of comprehension and application. Each training therefore will help identify and recognize signs and symptoms, provide the function and impact of trauma, and apply practical evidence based treatment for trauma informed approaches. Socio-economic and multicultural considerations are given throughout the presentation, as well as systemic impacts of trauma and pathways to health and wellness.

Our presentations offerings allow for 2 hour trainings, 4 hour workshops and full day programs based off your needs. Below are some of the various offerings TLC provides:


Introductory Trauma Trainings

  • Trauma Informed Care: An introduction to Trauma
  • Trauma in Childhood & Adolescents: The Impact of Trauma on Youth
  • Trauma for Parents, Caregivers and Educators: Practical Understanding & Approach
  • Trauma & Addition: An Individualist Approach
  • Trans-generational Trauma & Family Systems: Pathways to Breaking Cycles
  • Understanding Trauma in the Classroom: Bridging the Gap for Educators
  • Health Relationship Building: Structuring Successful Interactions
  • Vicarious Trauma in Systems: Schools, Agencies and Inter-professionals
  • Bullying & Social Media: Functions of Toxic Connections

Advanced Trauma Trainings

  • Sexual Trauma: Behavior, Boundaries & Attachment
  • Trauma, Addiction & The System: Optimizing Successful Outcomes
  • Chaos Cycles & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Applications for Creating Positive Patterns
  • Healthy Relationship Building for Trauma: Foundations for Success
  • Vicarious Trauma & Systemic Stigma: Techniques & Applications
  • Developing Trauma Competencies: Advanced Approaches & Treatment Methods

Custom Intensive Trainings

  • Trauma Informed Awareness
    • (Created for your Workplace) Includes:
      • Culture Observation
      • Shadowing Organization
      • Developing Training Program
      • 6 or 12 Training Sessions

Feel free to contact us today for our introductory, advanced and custom training offerings and pricing. We work with you to provide a custom experience and a package that works for your organization.