Since 1970, The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth has transformed lives and communities by providing alternative education, coaching, and counseling to students and families. TLC was recently recognized as a 2022 Top-Rated Organization by Stories by former students and their families can be accessed here.


Here are just a few of the comments from former students and their families.

“The Lincoln Center helped me to achieve my goal of graduating high school and prepared me for my life outside of school.” —Former Student

“I never thought I would graduate high school, and with the help of the Lincoln Center I not only graduated but have gotten my life onto the right track and am even attending college!” — Former Student

“[TLC] was life-changing for our son, giving him hope for his future. The principal and staff of Lincoln were an amazing support to our son and educated and encouraged him in many ways up through his graduation from high school.”— Parent of Former Student

“The Lincoln Center literally gave my daughter the chance she needed to succeed in life…I can not thank the Lincoln Center and their staff enough! And I cannot praise the staff at this center enough in making a huge difference in so many young lives!” — Parent of Former Student

Thank you in advance for supporting The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth and its mission to transform lives and communities through education, coaching, and counseling.

The Lincoln Center is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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Michael Quintiliano
Chief Financial Officer