School Climate Coaches

At TLC, our commitment extends beyond the academic sphere. We understand that a positive school environment is pivotal to ensuring students’ holistic well-being, and thus, enhancing their learning experience. Through the School Climate Transformation Grant (“SCTG”), we are proud to provide School Climate Coaches to further our vision of transforming lives and communities – one moment, one choice, one connection at a time.


Program Oversight

Our School Climate Coaches, formally recognized as Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports Coaches, are on a mission: to cultivate a thriving, achievement-oriented school culture where students are prepared, inspired, and empowered with the essential skills to achieve their goals. Working hand-in-hand with educators, students, and parents, these coaches are pioneers in delivering positive behavior supports and interventions, setting the stage for a prosperous academic journey.

Key Responsibilities

PBIS Framework Implementation

Leading the adoption of a Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports framework in select schools.

Professional Development

Introducing and training school staff on evidence-based practices to uplift school climate such as Too Good for Drugs and Violence (TGFD&V), Check In Check Out (CICO), and more.

Data Analysis

Regular monitoring and evaluation of student behavior data to discern trends, ensuring early intervention for at-risk students.

Program Evaluation

Collaborating with external evaluators to measure the program’s impact and success.

Direct Coaching

Offering direct coaching and counseling, particularly to Tier II and Tier III students.


Active participation in crucial meetings and conferences, both at a local and national level.

Why is this Initiative Crucial?

Positive Learning Environment

Just as plants thrive in the right conditions, students flourish in a nurturing, positive environment. Our coaches help sow the seeds for this very ethos.

Consistent Implementation

With our team of Climate Coaches dedicated to various schools, we ensure uniformity in the delivery and implementation of the PBIS framework across districts.

Evidence-Based Approach

By incorporating tried-and-tested practices, we are making informed, data-backed decisions for the betterment of our school communities.

Joining the Ranks

Our School Climate Coaches are more than just employees; they are ambassadors of change. Armed with a Master’s degree in fields like counseling, social work, or education, their expertise is coupled with exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills. Their work environment extends from home to school, community, and office settings, making every day a unique experience.

The way a school feels can greatly influence a student’s drive to learn and grow. By introducing the School Climate Coaches initiative, TLC takes a giant leap towards sculpting school environments that are conducive to both academic and personal growth.