Counseling Services

The Lincoln Center provides mobile, in-home and/or community services for people of any age through the Counseling Center. TLC is a recognized intervention service provider for Montgomery County that provides services to individuals, families, and organizations.  

Individual Services

DUI Services:

The Lincoln Center provides confidential individual DUI intervention services for those who have experienced a first-time DUI offense. Community counselors employ an evidence-based motivational interviewing approach to inspire a capacity to change, explore the locus of control, and encourage healthier life choices. The referral process works through individuals completing an assessment at Resources for Human Development’s Rise Above agency. Counseling is completed in three session increments and is one of the final steps in completion.

Private Pay Services:

Counseling –Our community counselors offer mobile in-home or in-office private pay solutions for your therapeutic needs. We offer trauma focused counseling to aid you in transforming personal growth, creating positive coping skills/techniques, developing healthy relationship patterns and reducing negative thought patterns. Our therapists are highly trained and offer an individualistic approach to your therapeutic needs.

Hoarding-Our private hoarding services offers a dual behavioral and removal approach for comprehensive treatment of behavioral hoarding. TLC is committed to understanding and treating the underlying cause of behavioral hoarding as well as the behavioral cycles that present further challenges. Our counselors utilize a clinical behavioral approach in conjunction with a therapeutic removal approach to provide sustainable results. The objective of the therapy is to provide meaningful solutions that the client can utilize to maintain a healthy mindset and dwelling. 

Supervised Visitation:

The Lincoln Center provides supervised visitation services for child custody, which can be held at our Community Counseling Center, in home settings, and in public spaces. These cases are court-ordered and are a part of custody agreements. A counselor provides direct supervision to the sessions and documents a summary of the visit which is available to both parties. These Community Counseling Center services seek to strengthen families, ensure the safety of children, and help individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental wellbeing.

Organizational Services

The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth offers contracted service support to offer Client Homemaker Services, Family Strengthening, Substance Abuse Education and Case Management Services. These advanced offerings are currently provided for children and youth agencies to aid in keeping at risk families’ together and/or reunifying families. These service offerings are as follows:

Substance Abuse Education: Counselors direct parents in making healthier choices, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and adopting a relapse prevention plan. Counselors also connect parents to substance abuse resources and monitor their progress.

Family Strengthening: Counselors lead evidence-based activities to teach parents how to interact with their children at developmentally appropriate levels. They build upon parents’ nurturing skills, evaluate their levels of empathy, and coach them in responding better to psychological needs of children.

Home Organization: Counselors instruct families on how to clean, maintain, and improve the environmental suitability of their dwelling for the children. Counselors direct parents on how to complete chores, share responsibilities with family members, organize personal belongings, and purchase goods more effectively. Hoarding removal services are offered for severe cases of behavioral addictions which cause safety concerns within the home.

Case Management: Counselors explore the home environment, determine the needs of the family, and improve the lives of children. This intensive services allows counselors to evaluate the needs of the family and aid children and youth workers on which services take high priority. Counselors can assist in taking clients to necessary appointments, help them if they are diagnosed with medical conditions, and aid in completed other duties including ones related to budgeting and housing concerns.