Alternative education school serving students grades 7-12 with behavioral, social, and mental health support

The Lincoln Center’s Leadership Academy in Audubon is hosting an open house on:

Wednesday, January 31st from 3-7pm

2600 Eisenhower Ave, Suite 100

Audubon, PA 19403

January 12, 2018-  The Lincoln Center’s Leadership Academy welcomes local school districts and residents to an open house in Audubon, PA.  Visitors are invited to tour the transformed learning environment. Food will be served and door prizes will be awarded.

The Lincoln Center’s Leadership Academy is a Pennsylvania Licensed Private Academic School serving students grades 7-12. The Leadership Academy is designed to work with students who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional school setting. Academic work is accented by expanding student knowledge with experiential learning such as STEM project-based learning applications, robotics, therapeutic gaming, virtual reality PE, and co-op work opportunities.  Field trips highlight overall themes and provide cultural experiences while still in a supportive therapeutic environment. Students range in their social or emotional challenges and may cope with severe mental health disorders, ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders, high levels of anxiety, school phobia, substance abuse issues and other challenges that prevent the student from thriving in the traditional school setting.

To address mental health concerns of students, The Leadership Academy offers two programs. In the standard program, students participate in one group counseling session per day. In the plus program, students receive two clinical therapy groups per day, a minimum of 30 minutes of individual therapy per week along with access to telephychiatry services and family therapy.

The Lincoln Center’s Leadership Academy operates under the philosophy of Transformational Education®, a variety of interactive learning practices that embody a student-centered, relationship-building process wherein teachers and counselors guide students in developing life skills and effective work ethic in a supportive therapeutic environment.  The curriculum appeals to diverse learning styles, and because of the low teacher to student ratio and multi-sensory and open classroom approach, students are effectively engaged and instruction individualized based on academic levels.

“I never thought I would graduate high school, and with the help of the Lincoln Center I not only graduated, but have gotten my life on the right track and am even attending college!” – Former Student

The Lincoln Center Leadership Academy’s Lauryn Grau, helping a student work on a math problem on the newly purchased Aquos board.

The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth is a nonprofit education and human services organization that has been transforming lives and communities through education, coaching, and counseling since 1970. TLC’s corporate office:

820 Adams Avenue, Suite 100

Audubon, PA 19403


For more information visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ TLCFamilyYouth

Mark Sroka

267.391.5035 (cell)

610.277.3715 x 101

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TLC Administration Office

820 Adams Ave. Ste 210
Audubon, PA 19403
P / 610-277-3715

TLC Leadership Academy

2600 Eisenhower Ave. Ste 100
Audubon, PA 19403
P / 610-277-3715

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